ARIS Defender 3000

ARIS Defender 3000

The Ultimate In Adaptability
Two Sonars in One!

The ARIS Defender 3000 makes it easy to capture quality videolike images with simple one-handed operation in the most turbid waters. This diver-held sonar is ideal for teams conducting hull and berth sweeps, search and recovery missions, and underwater inspection. A mask-mounted color display updates up to 12 frames per second and makes real-time work simple and accurate. Battery life lasts up to four hours and powers fully autonomous operation; the optional Supervisory Kit allows simultaneous topside viewing and power input for continuous duty. Remove the floatation shell and handle to convert the ARIS Defender 3000 into a 300m depth rated ARIS Explorer 3000, suitable for deployment on ROVs, AUVs, boats, or fixed structures - combining two sonars in one versatile product!


– Adaptable 2-in-1 Convertibility

– Compact & Lightweight Diver-Held Sonar

– High-Definition Imagery

– Capable of Close Range Imaging

– Dual Frequency Operation: 3.0 MHz & 1.8 MHz with Dynamic Focus

– Ethernet Interface

– Windows™ Based Software








Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 24 cm

Weight in Air: 11 kg

Weight in Water: Neutral

Number of Transducer Beams: 128 Beams

Beam Width: 0.25

Field of View: 30° x 14°

Frame Rate: Up to 12 Frames / Second

Range Resolution: Down to 3 mm

Power Consumption: 20 W Typical

Cable Length: Up to 150 m

Data Power Pack:
Battery: 28.8 Vdc Li-Ion
Endurance: Up to 4-Hour Operation
Storage: 64 GB (14 Hours Min)